Thursday, October 15, 2009

Donate a quarter to help CDC buy a clue?

Hi all,

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee meeting in Washington,
D.C. is coming up on Oct. 29-30, and I know people were wanting to do
something as a form of protest against CDC's complete incompetance
towards CFS research for the past 20+ years.

I was thinking maybe if someone was going to CFSAC who felt like
giving out their address, people could send them letters with a
quarter in them to be given to CDC representatives to help them 'buy a
clue' in regards to the ongoing CFS epidemic which CDC's CFS Research
Program(CCRP) has treated as a sort of mass neurosis, even outright
hysteria for the cluster cases. Maybe a stand with a poster and a
basket could also be set up at the meeting- "Donate a quarter, help
CDC buy a clue."

If anyone is interested in being the point person on this or has a
different/better idea, such as a different address we could send them
to, email me off list or maybe just post your address so people can
start sending quarters. I just thought this way might get publicized.
Maybe after people speak they could walk to the CDC reps and place a
quarter on the table in front of them, I've never been to a CFSAC
meeting so I don't know the layout of the proceedings. Or maybe after
people speak they could throw a quarter in the basket. Just my .02, if
it sounds goofy then please disregard. I doubt the reps would accept
the 'donations', so any proceeds could be donated to WPI for good
accounting practices.

Take care,
Tate Mitchell  

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