Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CFS and Faith (or How the Church fails us....)



Check out the October 18 issue of national weekly Christian magazine The Lookout for an article about CFS.  In "Always Tired," Writer Amy Hagberg describes the illness and its impact on the lives of four patients and notes that, "for many CFS patients, the lack of support from loved ones who barely acknowledge the reality of the affliction is as painful as the illness itself.  Unfortunately, the church isn't doing much better.  While the faith community is good at ministering to those who are grieving or have diseases like cancer, many ignore invisible illnesses like CFS.  But CFS is a real, complex illness that has both physical and psychiatric manifestations; it is not just depression or anxiety."
If you can't find a hard copy of the publication at your local bookstore or newsstand, you can read it online at


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