Saturday, October 31, 2009

CDC Admitted to "possible infectious agent" in 1992

These letters, on the site created by Roger Burns, are to a woman named Joan
Irvine.  They are from the CDC.  The more damning of the two is from Dr
Reeves; he cautions her against donating blood because of "a possible
infectious agent".

It seems appropriate, in light of today¹s proceedings ­ and those
anticipated tomorrow ­ that these letters be revisited.

Joan was a tireless campaigner and a charming writer.  She eventually took
her own life in September of 1996, a night hard impossible to forget for
those of us on the old CFS-L & CFIDS-L lists who had come to know her.

I hope that these can be well used.

In memory of Joan,

Jean Harrison


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