Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alpha Dog: NIH, CDC and CFS

Tantalized by the opportunity to make a difference the ME/CFS community let
loose on the CDC over the past year. To its credit the CDC's review process
allowed for that.
Missing the Forest for the Tree - The CDC, however, is not the main game in
town - they're not the alpha dog we vitally need to tame - not at all.
Perhaps because they've made more blatant errors than anyone else the CDC's
has always assumed an outsized importance in the chronic fatigue syndrome
community's mind.
There's certainly no disagreeing that they're important - they are; they're
tasked with  doing  research, interacting with public health officials,
educating physicians education, documenting prevalence and costs,
identifying risk factors , etc.  but they are not our most important federal
agency; in fact they're not even close.....
Check it out in "Alpha Dog" the latest edition  of 'Bringing the Heat'


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