Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Klimas Clinic set to open in Florida in October

Dear Friends,

Great news!  After more than a year of planning, it is finally time to
open the new private clinic dedicated to the treatment of patients with
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  The new clinic, The Chronic Fatigue &
Immune Disorders Research and Treatment Center will open in October in
Kendall, FL.

The purpose of this email is to share this exciting news and to answer as
many of your questions about the new clinic as I can.  In order to see as
many patients as possible and to increase the number of physicians
treating CFS patients, I am making a few changes in my practice.

First and foremost, I will NOT be leaving the University of Miami or the
clinic there.  We are hiring a new doctor for the University clinic who
will be able to see more patients by expanding that clinic. Dr. Irma Rey,
a very qualified and trusted colleague of mine, will be a wonderful
addition to the UM CFS Clinic.

•    At the new private clinic, patients will see practitioners that I have
fully trained in my methodology and approach to CFS.  I will supervise and
review the care, and meet with each patient with the clinic practitioner
to create and implement a customized treatment plan.  This method of
treatment and consultation will enable me to train more medical
professionals in the intricacies of CFS as well as to help more patients.

•    The new private clinic will be a fee-for-service clinic in regards to
office visits.  This means that office visits will need to be paid for at
the time of service.  They cannot be billed after the fact.  We will,
however, provide you with the paperwork ready to submit to your insurance
carrier for out-of-network reimbursement.  At this time, we are unable to
take Medicare at the new clinic.

•    The new clinic will offer diagnostic testing helpful in determining the
severity of the illness and the various underlying components of the
illness (immune, autonomic, sleep, etc). Fees for diagnostic tests will be
billed directly to your insurance provider.  We will also be able to
provide disability assessments and assist in documenting the severity of
illness for disability claims.

I am thrilled by the excitement and energy being generated by this new
clinic.  I hope you are excited as well.  Now it is time to really begin
planning.  I need the following information from you if you are interested
in becoming a patient at the Chronic Fatigue & Immune Disorders Research
and Treatment Center.

Please email, mail or call us with the following information:

_____  Yes, I want to be a patient in the new clinic.
Name _____________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________

City State Zip ___________________________________________________________

Phone number (D) _________________________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________________________________

_____ new patient, never seen Dr. Klimas
_____ continuing patient
_____ type of insurance, copy of insurance card

Once we are ready to begin scheduling appointments, we will use these
responses as our first calling list.  Please let me know if you would like
to become a patient of the new clinic.

Send your response to

Thank you all for  your patience and support of my work.  I am excited to
begin this new clinic and the new help it will bring to all of you.  I
look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy G. Klimas, MD
Chronic Fatigue & Immune Disorders Research and Treatment Center


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