Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CFS now on Dr. Oz website!

DrOz now has a "Ask Dr Oz" section on his show website
and I think some of our Tweets finally got him to check into
it "a little" as WE HAVE a Category NOW ;-) and He has
received some replies from other other Medical "experts"?

He EVEN has a quote at the TOP stating the 4 Million Number
in the USA instead of the old quoted 1 million number...

Here's the page:


Main website:

Ask Dr Oz section: soon to be functional to ASK....

If you use Twitter remember to Tweet him @DrOz

"Voices 4 a Cure Campaign"
28 million Voice WILL Be HEARD
"Stand UP 2 ME"

Please report in to let us know who all is doing what, OK?

Hope you are not flaring and are having a
"Happy Autumnal Equinox"

in gratitude,

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