Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Living with ME/CFS book available online

The 1992 edition of Dr Anne Macintyre's book is now available on the
website of the Irish ME Trust (separate group from the group I'm
involved in). I know a lot of people who think that the different
editions of her book are very good. The books combine her knowledge
as both a doctor and a patient with the illness. Looking again at this
edition, it includes a lot of information about research published
thru' 1992 that one doesn't hear much about now. Tom


M.E. – Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome – How To Live With It

M.E. – Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome – How To Live With It – the title
of the popular book on ME by Dr Anne Macintyre is now unfortunately
out of print. We understand that there are no plans by the publishers
to re-print this book in its current form and in light of this have
been given permission by Dr Anne Macintyre to reproduce the book ,
chapter by chapter, on the Irish ME Trust website. Please note that
copyright regulations still apply and the following files are intended
for personal consumption only and no permission is granted to further
reproduce these files or for dispersal either electronically or

Chapter 1:
What is M.E.?

Chapter 2:
The Immune System

Chapter 3:
What causes M.E. - Part 1

Chapter 4:
What causes M.E. - Part 2

Chapter 5:
M.E. - The Diagnosis

Chapter 6:
Plan of Management

Chapter 7:
Rest and Sleep

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:
Good Nutrition for CFS and M.E.

Chapter 12:
Nutritional Suppliments

Chapter 13:
Canadian Albicans

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:
Chemical Sensitivity

Chapter 16:
Treatments and Hazards

Chapter 17:
Homeopathy and Other Therapies

Chapter 18:
Women with M.E.

Chapter 19:
Finance and practical problems

Chapter 20:
Children and M.E.

Chapter 21:
Caring for someone with M.E.

Chapter 22:

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Malcolm said...

This was the book recommended to me by my physio / acupuncture practitioner (herself an ME sufferer) a few years back. Fortunately I managed to obtain my own copy but, I'm rather surprised that there are no plans for it to be reprinted, as I found it an invaluable resource.