Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes Visualizing is Not Enough

They always tell you to visualize yourself as getting well, and it will happen.
Well, let me tell you something about visualization: it's not enough.  I have been visualizing something for a few years, and it hasn't happened.  It's not about getting well, it's something else that I've wanted to happen in my life. 
Some things required for this to work are things that other people have to do as part of their jobs; there's nothing I can do to make them do it or not do it, because I don't have that kind of influence over them.  I can ask, but I cannot demand; it's their decision to make, and the decision they made was not the one required for my visualization to become reality.
This definitely was not one of those things where I could visualize myself succeeding AND then do the necessary steps to succeed, because most of the necessary steps were out of my control. 
For years, I visualized myself getting well, demanded the necessary pills, and was refused what I needed because the doctors inexplicably wanted to prescribe something else; I saw half a dozen doctors and still had not gotten the right pills.   I did everything that I could, but I could not get well if the doctors weren't helping me by doing their part, the one part that I could not do for myself: writing prescriptions.  
And this is often the problem with visualization exercises: you can do your very best, but if success relies on other people and those people don't want to cooperate or think their way is better, you're not going to succeed because they're putting roadblocks in your way.  You don't need the stress of beating yourself up when what you visualized doesn't come true, when you've actually done all you could.  As a friend often reminds me "God answers all prayers; sometimes, the answer is No."
Visualization has its uses, but it's not always the guaranteed solution to getting what you want; sometimes, it's just a fantasy.

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