Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There's so much concern about whether people like me, who can work a little, are defrauding the government when we apply for SSI benefits -- here's another episode of who is REALLY committing the fraud.  I would have to collect benefits for over 1500 years in order to get as much government money as these two doctors!
But, as we all know, it's easier to pick on the weak and helpless, the disabled (some of whom, like me, are disabled because of doctors' incompetence) than it is to go after the rich and powerful who commit the really big-dollar crimes:
"Some doctors are so greedy, they'll recruit patients to be diagnosed with fictional diseases, then they'll forge paperwork to bill Medicare for millions of dollars worth of treatments that were never even provided.  Such is the case with two American doctors busted this week in Miami, where they bilked taxpayers for $20 million in fraudulent fees for "HIV infusion" services they never performed.  But this is no aberration: Read my story today to learn why there is a culture of crime and fraud that permeates western medicine today: "
Where is the huge outcry for the reform of the Medicare system to prevent this from happening?  Why is the only concern for reforming the disability system to make it even harder for people who are legitimately disabled to get the benefits they're legally entitled to?

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