Thursday, July 16, 2009

Campaign for Health Care -- your chance to participate

We joined with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee on a new T.V. ad calling out specific senators. And now, we're inviting you (and your friends) to put your name in the ad before we air it in Washington DC and key states!


We'll run the ad over 100 times next week in Washington, D.C. so senators and their staffs know they have a choice to make. Either they stand with President Obama and the 76% of Americans who want the choice of a public option or they stand alone with their insurance contributors.

And they won't miss the ad. It will be on CNN, MSNBC, and the Daily Show. Then, we'll air it in the home states of senators who still refuse to join our side.

Along the way, we will continually rotate new names into the ad -- to show broad public support from around the country. We'll make the Senate listen to the vast majority of Americans who say: "We Want The Public Option!"

Working together, we will guarantee healthcare for all.

Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

Thanks for putting your name in our public option TV ad with Democracy for America! Can you help others join the cause?

If you are on Twitter, click here to automatically Tweet this message:

15,000 folks put their name in a public option TV ad! Will u? #health #p2 via @BoldProgressive & @DFAaction

If you are on Facebook, join our "We Want the Public Option" fan page.

If you have a blog, post this 200 px image and link it to -- and here's the YouTube video of our ad.

Or just mail your buddies -- tell them to join the cause at

Thanks so much for getting involved and spreading the word!

--Stephanie and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee / Democracy for America teams

* * *
People who have good employer-paid plans (especially government employee plans) think we don't need this. 
Those of us who don't have employer-paid plans know that we do -- if you have a pre-existing condition, the price of individual policies is out of reach: my business partner pays over $700 a month for one person.  I pay about 1/4 of my earnings for a policy that covers only hospitalization (and live in fear that if I ever use it, they'll come up with some way to deny coverage).
If you think we don't need it, call a health insurance company and find out what it would cost you to get an individual policy if you lost your current policy through unemployment or employer budget cuts -- be sure you mention all your pre-existing conditions, so you get a true picture of what it would cost you.  You'll be shocked.  And then you'll understand why the uninsured, underinsured, and self-employed are in favor of a guarantee that we will finally get an affordable policy.

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