Thursday, June 11, 2009

The value of opioids

Chronic Pain Guidelines Suggest Opioids for Elders

            Few people think twice about taking aspirin or ibuprofen. But for those 75 and older, the high doses needed to treat chronic pain may be so dangerous that patients may be better off taking opioids instead, according to new guidelines issued by the American Geriatrics Society.
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The only thing I got from taking Advil was an ulcer. 
At one point, the doctor told me at the beginning of the appointment to stop taking it because of the ulcer, and at the end of the same appointment, when I reminded him I needed a prescription for the pain, he told me "take Advil", sprinting out of the room before I could say "you just told me to NOT take Advil".
I've finally gotten a prescription, which I use as little as possible, but it IS nice to be able to take something to relieve the pain when I desperately need to work or sleep.

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