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Magnesium for Energy Production and other Helpful Hints

If I could recommend only two things, it would be magnesium and potassium.  Here's some data from ProHealth:
De Meirleir's H2S theory & test.   Web version:     Font Size:   A   A   A,8ttp,6k,1nr,a0w9,7xo1,2hxa ME/CFS HealthWatch     June 10th, 2009
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Join those viewing CFSAC videocast - NIH is still counting!

How do you get ATP tested?


Wrist pain
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VT CFIDS Assoc. Pres. Rik Carlson Radio Interview

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Diabetes research writer reports on A1C Home Test

Crucial reasons to ensure high vit D during pregnancy
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Heard 'Round the World: De Meirleir's H2S Theory of ME/CFS & Home Test

Dr. Kenny De Meirleir fired up the ME/CFS world on May 28 & 29 with his news of a theory featuring gut dysfunction, elevated hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and a test that can be ordered online. See slides, summary of scientific article, commentary.

ARTICLES, EVENTS, SOLUTIONS view more,8ttp,6k,3uhh,57qd,7xo1,2hxa
Testimony to CFS Advisory Committee on H2S Hypothesis of ME/CFS
Working to find a cure for her daughter, Marian Dix Lemle conceived this hypothesis and shopped it around the world's experts. Dr. De Meirleir pursued it.

Magnesium - Essential Nutrient is Key to Mitochondrial ATP Production
A mainstay of the ME/CFS doctor's toolkit, Mg is necessary to produce energy, for neuromuscular and orthostatic health, and hundreds of enzyme functions.

Landmark May 27-28 CFSAC Meeting - Watch Video Online
The videocast that ME/CFS patients & advocates watched is archived for easy viewing online. Speakers suggested new CDC research plan focus & direction.

On May 28, Opportunity Knocked - Will the ME/CFS Community Respond?
Knocks have to be answered for the right doors to open, says CFS Report editor Craig Maupin. Add your comments by June 30 to help things change.

European Think Tank to Generate Validating ME/CFS Research, Education
A pan-European organization for ME/CFS research will meet June 13 to initiate plans for 'large-scale research' to validate evidence of ME/CFS's organic basis.

Vitamin D May Lessen Age-related Cognitive Decline - Eight-Nation Study
Men with higher levels of D perform consistently better; edge increases with age.

An ME/CFS Doctor's Coping Tips for Cognitive 'Multi-Tasking'
With brain fog, everyday events such as food shopping are anything but simple, writes Dr. Gudrun Lange. She has tips for handling activities in a different way.

New Hope for Autoimmune Disease Emerges from Chinese Herbal Treasury

RESEARCH ABSTRACTS view more,8ttp,6k,7tms,c98e,7xo1,2hxa
Low B12 is major depression risk for women - large population study
Low B12 boosts depression risk 44%; low folate (B9) doubles it in male smokers.

Below-normal blood volume typical in ME/CFS patients - Klimas, et al.
ME/CFS groups had lower total blood, plasma, and red blood cell volume.

Distinctive measures of cognitive impairment demonstrated in ME/CFS
Importantly, they are clearly independent of psychopathology.

Backache, headache, leg weakness/tingling may be undiagnosed POTS
60% of those with severe orthostatic hypotension didn't have 'typical' symptoms.

Product Spotlight
Magnesium Plus - Converts Carbs & Protein into ATP
Magnesium is a vital nutrient necessary for proper muscle, nerve and enzyme function. This essential mineral acts as a coenzyme and is utilized by the body to help convert carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy. read more,8ttp,6k,eeu9,lvi,7xo1,2hxa

Post-exertion fatigue linked to poor 'stress-response' protein production.

Gulf War Syndrome Caused by Chemicals that Inactivate Crucial Enzyme

Physiological measures identify limited movement pattern in ME/CFS

Poor diagnosis of 'early Lyme-like' cases points to need for education

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· Forwarding jokes
· Diagnosis, mycoplasma
· Causes of gut problems
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· IiME conference report

· Critics of H2S theory
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