Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Learning to cope with chronic illness - Pacing

A study evaluating an alternative approach to CBT/GET has been accepted for publication in an international journal. It is entitled: Learning to cope with chronic illness. Efficacy of a multi-component treatment for people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

The sample were diagnosed using published clinical criteria for post-infectious fatigue syndrome and the intervention included ongoing medical care.  Together with other studies, e.g. Jason et al 2007, Taylor 2006, the findings provide good evidence for the efficacy of multicomponent programmes which are not based on the CBT  model of CFS. It also offers further support for the strategy of pacing as described by Goudsmit and Howes, and Jason et al.

The paper will be listed on PubMed (and I presume, Co-cure) when available online for purchase.

This article represents the end of my 20 years of research into ME and post-infectious fatigue syndromes. I shall, however, continue to edit the ME and CFS References (available on url below). 


Ellen M. Goudsmit PhD CPsychol AFBPsS
Chartered Health Psychologist

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