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Invest in ME - Journal of IiME

Volume 3 Issue 1

Dear Friends

Invest in ME have now published the latest issue of
the Journal of IiME -  a blend of research, science,
facts, politics and real life experiences of ME.

In this issue we have a number of research papers
and some articles relating to perception and
treatment of people with ME and their carers.

The Journal is distributed to all delegates at the 4th
Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference in
London on 29th May. Invest in ME have decided that
the conference will focus attention on severe ME - a
group which is often neglected by healthcare
services and for which too little research is
performed. The Invest in ME 2008 conference
demonstrated that treatments are available and the
conference poses the question of why swine flu is
different to ME when it comes to provision of drugs.

Great progress is occurring in the biomedical
research into ME and we hope the conference will
illustrate the achievements of organisations who
have a strategy toward research into ME.

To reflect the emphasis on severe ME at the
conference the Journal contains several articles
revolving around severe ME  - amongst them the
story of the Krisner family from Norway. This is a
story showing severe ME and the terrible suffering of
siblings afflicted by this illness. Yet Kjersti Krisner's
story is one of hope when proper examinations and
treatments are applied.

The story from Alison Hunter - Forget M.E. Not - is
story which could have been written today. instead
it was written over a decade ago. With permission of
one of our conference sponsors - the Alison Hunter
Memorial Foundation - we have Alison's included in
the Journal.

To celebrate the new Enterovirus Foundation we
have Professor Steven Tracy who has provided an
article on human enteroviruses and chronic
infectious disease.

Professor Harald Nyland will speak of the Giardia
epidemic in Norway and we resurrect an old article
on epidemics which needs to be seen again.

Professor Garth Nicolson, who will be speaking at
the conference, has contributed two articles - one
showing similarities between ME and autism and
another discussing weight issues with ME and the
use of an all natural oral supplement.

We hope the conference will publish the progress
being made with research into ME. For health
authorities looking to provide a proper biomedical
clinical lead for ME patients we have an article from
a severely affected patient which shows the
frustration and the appalling pain endured when
progress on providing such a servce is hindered
through apathy and ignorance.


The International ME/CFS Conference 2009 section of
the Journal is available from our web site and also
contains abstracts of the conference presentations.

The Journal continues to be free to download from
Invest in ME.

To view and download the Journals of IiME please
use this link - Journal of IiME:

The Volume 3 Issue 1 link is here:

Best Wishes to All

Invest in ME


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