Saturday, June 27, 2009

CFS Calculator

Perhaps some polite corrections would be appreciated.  They don't seem
to be denialist, just confused.

And perhaps the Canadian 2003 definition would be implemented, if
requested and a pointer to Carruthers et al. provided.  All you have
to say is that the definition they used is obsolete.

One of the questions is "Feeling tired even after 24 hours of
exercise    ".  Read that one again closely.


Tiredness and feeling full of life are the two extremes that we all go
through in our daily lives. But there are some people who perpetually
feel tired. If you are such a person remember you may be a victim of
'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'.

This strange disease affects more people than AIDS, tuberculosis or
multiple sclerosis. The disease was originally termed as 'The Yuppie
Flu' - as it was first noticed among the young professional women in
there 20s and 30s. It was at first not treated seriously as not
everyone were fond of the ' young upwardly mobile professional person
(Yuppie)' who had made it big in the stock market boom in the 80's.

It was however wrongly attributed to burnout or depression as a
consequence of the excess pressure. A woman's lifetime risk of
developing this disorder is much greater than that of lung cancer. The
relatively low awareness about this disorder means that it is more
prevalent than what is perceived at the moment. It is now estimated
that w omen are more prone to chronic fatigue syndrome then men and
their risk is two to four times more.


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