Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CDC's stats on Swine Flu


New data released by the CDC Tuesday showed that the majority of the 30 patients who were hospitalized with H1N1 in California had other medical conditions, such as chronic heart and lung disease, suppressed immune system, diabetes, and obesity. None of the patients died.

They had fevers, coughs, vomiting and shortness of breath, according to the CDC report that examined the patients. Six of them were admitted to the intensive care unit and four required mechanical ventilation.

Five of them were pregnant -- two of the fetuses did not survive.

Case characteristics

A sample of 30 hospitalized patients with H1N1 had the following chronic illnesses:

Chronic lung disease 37 percent

Other immunosuppresion 20 percent

Chronic cardiac disease 17 percent

Diabetes 13 percent

Obesity 13 percent

Seizure disorder 17 percent

Source: CDC

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Let me remind you -- this has sickened about 10,000 people worldwide.  CFS has 1,000,000 victims in the US alone.  Why is CDC so hepped up about this one?  It doesn't meet their own definition of an "epidemic", the definition they used to say that CFS didn't affect enough people to warrant any attention.
Yesterday on Lou Dobbs on CNN, Lou learned that some doctors don't consider it necessary to test for swine flu, they just treat it as any other flu.  He suggested the reason is "CDC doesn't want to know", which is eerily reminiscent of the comment about why CDC wasn't trying harder to find the CFS virus.


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