Monday, April 20, 2009

RedLabs is now VIP

Source: Viral Immune Pathology Diagnostics (VIP Dx)
        RedLabs USA
Date:   March 2009

RedLabs USA is happy to announce that we are now VIP Dx, Viral Immune
Pathology Diagnostics. Simply, we are VIP Diagnostics.

VIP Dx has increased our scientific and administrative staff, strategic
partners and alliances in order to bring you quality testing and excellent
customer service in a timely and efficient manner.

In an effort to bring you quality tests and the latest technology in the
field of chronic immune diseases, we have re-developed many of our assays and
would like to introduce our new test menu to you. These tests are determined
to be the most relevant in aiding the clinician in diagnosing and treating
chronic immune disease. Our test kits have been re-configured. There are no
special preparations of specimens is required. Continue to ship at ambient
room temperature. Specimens must be received within 24 hours for proper
analysis. Collection and shipping instructions are included in each kit
along with all required specimen tubes. The return clinical envelope and
overnight airbill is also included. If you would like our new test kit,
please call Megan Martin at 775-351-1890.

We would like to call your attention to the new Herpes Infection Screen Panel,
the Mycoplasma Screen Panel and the new Infection Screen Panel. We have put
back nitric oxide testing in our complete CFS panel (CMCP) and our mini CFS
(MCP1) panels. We have added nitric oxide as an individual test as well.
Nitric oxide is an important inflammatory marker for inflammatory mediated
conditions and immune dysregulation.

Our most popular test continues to be the Immunobilan test for intestinal
dysregulation, inflammation and/or leaky gut. Leaky gut has been associated
with Autism Spectrum Disease, Thyroid dysregulation, chronic fatigue and
general intestinal distress.

The cytokine profile is a good marker for inflammation. TNF alpha and IL8
have been associated with obesity and pre-diabetes. Our scientific staff
continues their research and development of the most appropriate cytokine
screening for our chronic fatigue and immune dysregulated patients.

Effective immediately, please use the new test requisition and refer to the
updated specimen guidelines in the right column and the new pricing schedule
included with this package.

As a reminder, VIP Dx is a fee-for-service specialty clinical laboratory.
Fees are due at the time of service. VIP Dx will continue to provide patients
with a complete statement with all ICD and CPT codes so that they can seek
reimbursement from their own insurance company. VIP Dx will bill Medicare as
long as the patient provides a valid copy of their Medicare card and any
supplemental insurance and the signs the ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice)
located on the reverse side of the test requisition. Medicare patients will
be responsible for any fees not covered by Medicare and supplemental

This is a good time to remind you of our Research Partners Program, assisting
in the clinical research of chronic immune disease. VIP Dx is dedicated to
aiding the research scientists and clinicians through our Research Partners
Program. If you have any questions about this program, please call Marguerite
Ross at 775-351-1890.

VIP Dx is committed to providing quality clinically relevant tests, accurate,
timely results and excellent customer service to aide the physician in the
diagnosing and managing chronic viral and immune mediated diseases.

On behalf of the VIP Dx team, we thank you for your continued support. We are
very excited about our latest technology and new test menu and, of course, our
new name and logo.

If you have any questions, please call us at 775-351-1890. Our new website
will be up shortly at Our client services desk is open
from 9:00 ­ 5:00 PST, Monday ­ Friday.


Marguerite Ross, Director
Marketing & Client Relations


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