Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Putting Blame Where it Belongs

On today's Oprah, they're discussing things like flesh-eating bacteria and MRSA.
The first woman returned to the ER several times and was repeatedly brushed off until finally someone realized it was necrotizing fasciitis.  She kept telling them she didn't feel well and they just kept giving her pain pills.
Dr. Oz observes that patients have to be diligent about explaining to the doctor what it is and how it is that it feels "not right", and doctors have to be better about listening.
If my doctors had listened to what I said, and not twisted it around into what they wanted to hear, I probably would have been back in remission after a few weeks of proper treatment.  Instead, they decided I didn't know what I was talking about, "nothing you said made sense", and allowed me to continue deteriorating -- for most of the time that I was seeing the first medical group, I wasn't taking any prescriptions: they wouldn't give me anything, or when I called in and reported a problem with the prescription, I was told that the prescription couldn't be changed till my next appointment.
I told them what my diagnosis was.  I told them what tests would confirm it.  I told them what the experts say to prescribe.  They didn't listen, and I'm the one who pays the price.

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