Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poster Design Contest


In addition to our UK-wide poster design competition, which started out as
exclusively for
M.E. Awareness Week 2009 but which, due to an overwhelming response - and
still they come - now
gives us themes for one-a-month, we have come up with a cracker of an idea
for one particular
theme, which we believe everyone should have a chance of sharing in because
it is equally
applicable around the world.

It is to design a poster with the heading W.H.O. M.E.?
I'm sure you get the idea of the World Health Organisation's recognised
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis G93.3
(and none of your chronic fatigue nonsense) and, of course, the play on the
words M.E. and ME (myself).

Since time is very short, for International Awareness Day on 12th May, we
need to move fast, if we are to
make it a truly International affair and to share the work load we are
appealing for help from an International
M.E. co-operative of individuals and organisations, who represent M.E. as a
discrete neurological illness,
quite distinct form others under the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome banner. Others
need not apply!
If you have to ask what is meant, it probably isn't for you.

Here's how it would work: Anyone, from anywhere in the World, amateur or
professional, can submit a design.
If you are going to enter, you need to do it NOW. Entries to

We also need someone NOW who can set up for us a uniform standard system of
receiving entries at
info@mefreeforall.org, so that we have the software to open them and, then,
a method of dispatching them to our
local volunteers, now in all countries taking part, in an A4 size, ready for
them to click a button and walk them round
to places to display. Again, we need at least one such person NOW. (We don't
need anyone to tell us their theories
or problems that could be faced - we have had plenty of those, thank you,
just the person who can really do the job).

The posters will be A4 size, have the name of the person who designed it (if
they wish, or not if they prefer anonymity)
and the name of the national/local M.E. support group of the country or
region of the M.E. Co-operative members taking part.

We have at least 2 MEFFA volunteers dedicated to this job alone but we are
going to need some help.

To summarise: We need people to produce eye-catching designs, devise a
uniform, simple, system to receive
and dispatch, some administrators and some local reps to help make sure they
get displayed NOW. IMMEDIATELY. (No pressure then!)

Remember, we want the people who can and will do, not any other sort, thank
you very much.

Any offers of help and those wishing to be identified with the International
M.E. Co-operative, please
e-mail to my e-mail address or info@mefreeforall.org
that is either drjohngreensmith at mefreeforall dot org  OR  info at
mefreeforall dot org
with "W.H.O. M.E.?" poster competition  OR International M.E. Co-operative
etc. in the subject line.

Note: To click the links to any related letters about the poster
competition, so far, it is necessary to be registered with ME Free For
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To read a letter from Dr John Greensmith
click here  http://www.mefreeforall.org/April-2009.1345.0.html#c6830

Or just laugh your head off with our joke of the day
here http://www.mefreeforall.org/Joke-of-the-Day.378.0.html



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Constructive suggestions are always welcome.


Dr John H Greensmith
ME Free For All. org

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