Friday, April 24, 2009

CFS/Fibro Awareness Items for Sale

Thanks to Nelcha for this great list!

A few May 12 Awareness Day and Other CFS/FM Items for Sale
Lapel Pins, Posters, Bookmarks, Mugs, Totes, Notes, Bumper Stickers, Shirts, etc.

* Slamdunks Apparel, Cards, and Gifts at Zazzle,
Proceeds to CFS & FM Research
o CFS & FM Clothes, Cards & more by Ashley
o CFS Awareness Christmas Gifts, Holiday Cards, Matching Postage

Cafe Press -
$1.50 "Heartfelt" May 12th CFIDS Awareness Day Button with message that says:
"Unless you have CFIDS, you can't begin to know
what "being tired" is all about"

One of the T-shirts has this on the back:
"My disabling chronic illness is more real
than your imaginary medical expertise." LOL!

More clothes, bumper sticker, "Hope for the Cure"
Postcards ($8 for 8),
totes, mug, teddy bear, mousepad apron...

Pink/Crimson Bracelets, $1+s&h:
Pink/Crimson Lapel Pin, $5:

FM Aware Store
Blouse, deep pink silicone bracelet, videos, pamlphets, posters


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