Saturday, January 24, 2009


In light of the fact that more than 3/4 of CFS patients report unfavorable interactions with their doctors, I thought this bit of humor from Peter was apropos...

I would like to propose a new concept of 'Non-Doctor'.

In view some doctors activities and opinions regarding the serious
neurological illness, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; I believe it accurate to
say that had some adopted a career as a plumber (no disrespect to plumbers
intended), the overall physical and mental health of the population of the
world would have been better by a significant degree.

With 'Non-Doctors' it is not a case of 'first, do no harm'; which is a nice
idea but an ideal that I believe could only be achieved by keeping any
doctor in a locked cupboard for 40 years.

My thought is that a 'Non-Doctor' is one whose activities cause more harm
than help, more illness than healing, more dischord than harmony in the
lives of their patients.

In view of the extensive training (which includes ethics) that doctors
undertake; it must be some sort of achievement when a doctor not only fails
to help the sick, but contrary to all reason and evading all safeguards,
they manage to increase and perpetuate illness; and at times even recruit
others to magnify their non-doctoring effect.

It seems a shame that such achievement goes mostly unnoticed except by the
patients and their families - who might tend to be biased and fail to
appreciate the eccentric genius of such initiative.

If you can think of the name of such a doctor, write their name on a piece
of paper, roll it into a ball and swallow it.  It will do you less harm than
going to see them (unless it is a very, very big piece of paper!).

Peter Kemp

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