Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bird Flu Hoax

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4.  I Was Right About Bird Flu Hoax.
Number of human cases of avian flu dropped rather than rose for the first time -- from a paltry 115 in 2006 to an even more insignificant 86 in 2007. New York Times article shows scientists and governments are congratulating themselves for averting a threat that never was by stockpiling worthless vaccines, pointlessly culling hundreds of millions of birds, and pouring money into preparation efforts. I can only imagine that the flu vaccine manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank.
Dr Mercola,

I'll repeat the sarcastic comment I made when the subject first came up: CDC had a vaccine for Bird Flu in 8 days, but after 18 years, still had nothing for CFS.  They try to tell us how hard it is to find a virus, or a treatment, but for this hoax pandemic, they devoted all available resources and found what was needed in record time.

The difference may well boil down to the same thing as the difference between AIDS and CFS: death.  We don't die -- we live a long, lingering might-as-well-be-dead, but we don't die.  We commit suicide because we can't stand to live with such severe impairments, but we don't die "of" CFS.  Even after Casey Fero and Sophia Mirza's autopsies showed problems caused by CFS, CDC still doesn't acknowledge that people can die from CFS.  And as long as we're not dying, it's not considered urgent.

It's time for CFS patients to demand that our disease, which has been disabling people for decades, gets the concerted research effort that bird flu did.  Instead of muddying the research pool with people who have depression (and therefore no virus) CDC needs to get a research pool from CFS experts who are sure their patients are correctly diagnosed.  Follow up on the virus Elaine DeFreitas found nearly 20 years ago.  Follow up on the other researchers' findings.  Devote all of CDC's resources, the way they did for bird flu because WE DEMAND A CURE!

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