Saturday, February 17, 2007

Summary of a Lecture by Dr. Paul Cheney, MD, PhD May 7, 1998
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CFIDS is a subset of a larger group of diseases, post viral syndrome or post infectious disease. Similar disease syndromes from the past are the following:
Great Britain in the '50s - a virus like polio which was later called ME, myalgic encephalitis. This was linked to an enterovirus, a polio-like virus.

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Activity limits
- types of exercise
Aerobic is BAD.
It actually kills mitochondria causing permanent damage
Anaerobic is GOOD.
You can lift weights, stretch, isometrics, anything you can do in 10 sec.

This has been known for decades among CFS specialists, yet just a few years ago, rheumatologists were telling me to exercise my way back to health by walking. Dr. Cheney says walking is bad for CFS, and my own experience proved it.

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allurauni said...

Thank you for that link. This quote, "Cheney mentioned that chronic Lyme Disease is indistinguishable from CFIDS" worries me, because I've been using an excercise bike in an attempt to do more, and I wonder if I should switch away from it. I've been very careful about stopping before I get that wave of "must sleep now" fatigue.