Sunday, December 17, 2006

It Sounds So Simple

It sounds so simple when people say it.  "Just do the housework yourself" or "just get a job".

But it's not that simple.  A few weeks after the one-year warranty ran out, my new dishwasher completely stopped functioning.  As in, the water doesn't get anywhere near the dishes; they don't even get damp.  OK, so you do the dishes by hand, no big deal.

Except it IS a big deal.  I was making a concerted effort to stand upright, not bent over, and nonetheless, after washing just a few dishes, I had back spasms.  I was nowhere near done, so I tried to ignore them.  After a few more dishes (hadn't even gotten to the pots yet!), the pain was threatening to make me pass out.  Back to the bed for the rest of the day till the spasms finally abated around midnight.

On several occasions over the past few years, I've attempted to do some volunteer office work.  Same thing.  After sitting upright in a chair for about an hour, the back spasms start, and if I try to tough it out, they get worse.  And that's if I don't get lightheaded first, from being upright. (Dr. Cheney, Dr. Lerner and Dr. Peckerman attribute this to a post-viral heart defect and recommend that CFS patients spend most of their time horizontal.)

If you know of a way to do housework or an office job lying down, let me know.  Otherwise, the simple suggestion of doing these things is something my body won't let me follow through on.