Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nationwide Call to Action

<<FM-CFS Canada, Canadian lawyers, and law students are reviewing FM & ME/CFS cases in Canada.  We're observing what does and doesn't work, patterns,
judge histories, and more.  We're doing this strategic review so your lawyer
doesn't have to; so each lawyer doesn't have to reinvent the wheel.  It's

According to my lawyer (who is pretty well connected), no one in the US is doing anything similar.

We each need to put out some feelers in our own communities to get some qualified volunteers to do this, so that we can have a nationwide database.

Of course, I'm personally most interested in the judge histories, since documentation and statistics proving that my judge has never approved benefits for anyone under age 55 for any reason would not only give me one more ground for appeal, but also increase the possibility of having him removed from the bench for prejudice, thus benefitting hundreds of other applicants each year who have expert testimony that they are unable to work, and the judge ignoring anything other than your age in making his decision.