Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This afternoon, I had a chance to appeal the fees/fines for the end results of that false police report getting me thrown out of my house last fall.

I felt dreadful (and apparently looked worse), so I took a friend with aspirations of being a lawyer to do my talking.  He made it clear that I had done everything I could to get the house cleaned, but the people who were hired to do the work didn't do what they were paid for; I was defrauded left and right, yet after paying all this money for "cleaning", now they want to fine me for not cleaning, which just isn't fair.

I spoke up only to confirm that the police were aware that this was a false police report while they were still here that day; the person who made the report had all sorts of ridiculous excuses for how she interpreted "call me" to mean "call police".  The police couldn't figure out how any rational person could make that mistake and asked if she was a kook (their word).  No, I don't know whether they filed any charges against her for false police report, or if they decided it was excusable stupidity.

We did manage to get the fees/fines reduced substantially, but someone's still going to have to pay $300.  We're debating whether it will be me, or whether it's worth the hassle of Small Claims Court to teach her a lesson about taking responsibility for your mistakes.