Thursday, May 11, 2006


All week, guys from the City Inspector have been knocking so quietly I barely hear them and leaving before I could get to the door.  Brian offered to call them for me, to find out what's up, and to say things they might not believe coming from me.

It seems that someone called in a complaint that my house is a mess again and needs to be condemned again.  Since no one has been inside the house in over a month, Brian made it clear to the inspector that whoever made this complaint is lying, because whoever it is can have no knowledge of the current conditions inside.

Thanks to Brian, the inspector's file now has a note that I am being harassed, and that further complaints from this person should be disregarded, because she will never be allowed back inside the house to know what she's talking about.

That, hopefully, takes care of that.  Permanently.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Please Circulate!


As part of CFS Awareness Day, we are asking people to e-mail/fax these PSAs to their local radio and TV stations.  Don't worry about whether someone else in your area has already done so; better that they get multiple copies than none at all. 

Perhaps we can finally get the necessary research done.  CDC had a cure for SARS in 8 days -- after 19 years, I'm still waiting!



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; it's not what you think it is. This disabling neurological disease usually starts with a virus, but the symptoms--severe, rapid exhaustion of motor, sensory and cognitive abilities, and immune dysfunction--never go away. Learn more at



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; it's not what you think it is. This devastating neurological disease usually starts with a virus, but soon rapid loss of physical stamina, exhaustion of motor, sensory, and cognitive abilities, and immune dysfunction set in. Advanced symptoms can include viral damage to the heart and brain. Please join a million patients in petitioning Congress for more research funding for this contagious, disabling illness by downloading the petition from



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; it's not what you think it is. This serious neurological disease usually starts with a severe virus and can leave patients permanently bedridden. Research shows abnormalities in the central nervous system, resulting in loss of physical stamina, disruption of autonomic functions, immune dysfunction, memory loss, and difficulty with any task requiring brainpower. 100% of disabled patients in two research studies had viral damage to their hearts. Unfortunately, funding for research remains extremely low, and a million patients are forced to petition Congress for more funding for more research into this contagious, disabling illness. Please join us in getting the respect -- and the cure -- that we need. Learn more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and download our petition to Congress from That's, where we give you the facts and dispel the myths