Thursday, January 19, 2006

Still fighting the cleaning battle

The problems caused by the unwarranted phone call to the police continue to haunt me.  I just got a bill for $1300 of government fees. 

Total cost for my generosity of offering these people free rent in exchange for cleaning, I could've hired the most expensive cleaning company to come in a couple times a month for over a year, and actually had a clean house at the end of it, instead of having to hire other people to do what they promised to do and failed to carry through on, and without getting stressed out with all the government interference in my life, telling me that doing things the way the doctors have recommended is not acceptable to the government inspector. 

I have hired a cleaner who actually cleans.  However, she doesn't seem to remember from day to day that I have told her that the inspector says she cannot pile things under the windows and that the kitchen counter has to be clear (i.e., Tupperware must be put back in its cupboard after coming out of the dishwasher).  I can either stand over her for two hours (and make my health worse) so that I can stop her when she decides to do what the inspector said was not allowed, or I can waste the energy to re-do/undo things myself after she's gone, which sort of defeats the purpose of hiring someone to clean so I can save my limited energy to work for pay.

Obviously, having already refused to do anything to rectify the situation she caused with her lies to the police, I know the guilty parties aren't going to offer to pay this bill, either.  Now comes the question of whether to beggar myself so a couple with two incomes get off scot-free, or to get a judge to order them to take responsibility for the expensive results of her fantasies of getting on the front page as a "Quick-Thinking Heroine".