Monday, December 19, 2005

Why CFS is not C *F* S

I've been having a discussion with Jodi Bassett, author of the well-researched "Hummingbird's Guide to CFS", about Fatigue.

As Jodi points out, "fatigue" is not the primary symptom, Exercise Intolerance is.

Jodi is also working on a compare-and-contrast of CFS and fibromyalgia, which will prove that they are not the same thing.  I've asked her to post it as a comment here when she's done.  Too many objective test results which exist in one are completely absent in the other.

Although  60% of people with CFS are eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have to concur with Jodi that they're not the same thing.  It's been proven that you can create fibro-like symptoms in healthy volunteers by depriving them of sleep for a week.  Why is it not equally likely that you can create fibro-like symptoms via sleep deprivation in CFS patients who are not getting the deep, healing sleep they need?

Which brings us to another thing that patients understand and many doctors don't seem to: sleeping pills do not produce natural sleep. They simply put you unconscious for 8 hours so that you're not stressing over not sleeping.  The healing effects of deep sleep don't happen.  I've had better recuperation with two non-prescription treatments: 5HTP (tryptophan) and a Sleep Number bed, both of which promote NATURAL sleep.