Sunday, December 11, 2005

UCD's own Dr. Erich Ryll, who treated the 1975 epidemic at Mercy San Juan Hospital, writes "Cultures were obtained for all known viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, and rickettsiae, and all were found to be negative. The disease was apparently due to an unknown agent, presumably a virus." In other words, where Price states "all tests were negative", this is precisely what Dr. Ryll would have expected of the tests performed by Price.
It becomes quite obvious why their lawyer had to use an "expert" that no one in the Northern California CFS community has ever heard of. The head of the support group in his area and I both googled him, and both came up empty on what expertise he has in treating CFS.
I feel vindicated that they couldn't find an actual CFS expert to defend their screw-ups.