Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When the mayor arrives in her office this morning, she will be greeted by a fax explaining that I am about to lose my home because I cannot do the cleaning myself, and no one else is willing to do it for me. 

The inspector just doesn't get it that threatening me isn't going to improve my health enough that I can do it myself, and threatening ME isn't going to make hired cleaners any more reliable about actually showing up.   The real source of the problem is other people, not something that I can do anything about.

Maybe the mayor has some ideas that my friends and I have not come up with over the past five years of trying.

I've tried agency cleaners, who said the insurance prohibited them doing some of the things I needed done.

I've tried independent cleaners, who were so flaky and inefficient it became obvious why they couldn't get a job with an agency.

I've tried friends, who outright refused, or else said they would and then didn't really.

I've tried several churches of my own denomination, and a friend tried both her childhood and current denominations, and we didn't get a response, even when it was made clear that I was willing to either pay the cleaner or make a donation to the church.

I've tried several schools with a community service requirement, which I was assured included helping the disabled, and didn't get a call back.

Social Services won't take my word for it that I need help, they want someone else to start the process, but it doesn't seem to be in anyone's job description to make that call.  My doctor is on active duty in Iraq, so I can't have him call anyone till he gets home next month, but by then it will be too late to solve my current problem.

Maybe the mayor has the authority to extend the deadline.  Maybe the mayor can send me her own cleaning lady (or her teenagers).  Maybe the mayor can send me a couple of her campaign volunteers or the gal who cleans City Hall.  Maybe the mayor can have all the people who've defrauded me arrested.  But at least I won't be fighting the cleaning battle alone any more.