Friday, September 16, 2005

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


To answer those who are wondering, no, the cleaning is not going well.  I have been testifying under oath for years that I can manage 4-6 square feet a day (that's about half a square meter), and no one believes me.  Well, here's the proof: I have been cleaning every day for over a week, and I still have not managed to finish even one room.  Not because the room is that big a disaster, but because I really cannot manage more than 4-6 square feet of cleaning before I'm wiped out and in pain.  There have been some days this week that, because I haven't wanted to take a day off, I've gotten to the house from the motel, and accomplished even less because I started the day so exhausted.

A friend who used to be a social worker and therefore knew the right questions to ask called Social Services and got the same answers that I did: I'm not eligible for a government-paid housekeeper because there's always some criteria that I can't meet.  No one has yet declared me officially disabled seems to be the big stumbling block.

Another friend contacted several churches, but not a one of these fine Christian organizations was interested in doing an act of charity for someone who's not a member.  She was kinda surprised; I was not.  Again, the same response I got whenever I tried to get either some charity or even offered to hire some church member who needed a little extra cash.

Contrary to popular belief, I *have* occasionally pulled together the cash to get agency cleaners in, and they've generally made the situation worse, by putting a box of stuff that I need to sort where it blocks a door or drawer.  Not only can I not carry it from there over to the couch, but now I can't use the storage behind it.  Then there was the gal who spent four hours puttering in an already clean kitchen, and I don't know what she did, only that she did NOT clean the oven which I had paid extra for.  The last one spent three or four hours cleaning the fridge.  She assured me that she had taken everything out and only put back the good stuff, which I don't believe, since the next day I pulled out a package of dinner rolls that were totally green.  Again, since I am physically unable to stand over someone for four hours, I have to trust them that they are actually working hard, and not goofing off. 

And let's not even talk about the hidden costs of the independent cleaner who couldn't tell the difference between an unpaid bill and an old newspaper.  The cleaning was fairly inexpensive, it was the hundreds of dollars of late fees on bills that apparently went in the trash that was the problem.

I've finally gotten my financial situation on an even keel to where I *can* afford a cleaner once a month, maybe twice, but most of the cleaners I've contacted, when they hear that *I* intend to do the light dusting, I'm looking to hire someone to do the heavy work that I can't manage, they're not interested.  The only one who was willing to do what I needed, was not available on the day before trash day; her only available day was the day *after* trash day, when any food she'd clean out of the fridge would have a whole week to attract vermin.  That wasn't acceptable to me.