Friday, March 4, 2005

Yet another unethical action in my lawsuit. After quoting me a price of nearly $3 a page for a copy of my deposition, they told a friend that their normal charge for copies is $1 a page. This after telling me that they had been instructed not to send me a copy of the transcript. The question arises, was this a misunderstanding, or did the other lawyer tell them to make it difficult for me to have the copy I'm legally entitled to?
Given the many unethical things the lawyer has done already, I wouldn't put it past her to do that.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Clinical Trial in Limbo

Got to go back to the doctor this afternoon. I may be too sick to participate in the clinical trial. They did a C Reactive Protein test, which no one's ever done before, and it's off the charts. If we can't get a more normal result today, I don't get to participate in the trial.

OTOH, I have, for free, a test result that can be submitted to Social Security to support my claim that there *is* objective evidence that I'm physically ill, just the quack didn't want to do any test that would force him to accept that I have a physical illness, not depression over being a middle-aged, overweight divorcee.

Of course, if I were depressed over the divorce (not likely, since I was singing in the office after filing it), it would have been 2 years earlier, when I filed for divorce. And if I were depressed over losing my job, that wouldn't explain my symptoms before being fired.

So, even if I don't get to participate in the trial, I did get some benefit from it, and my lawyer can argue that this is yet one more place where a test that should have been done, wasn't, because the doctor didn't want to risk proving that I'm physically ill. He wanted to deny my disability claim, not help me get it.  He simply didn't note the symptoms that would prove it's not depression, even the ones necessary to make the CFS diagnosis were eliminated, which makes it real clear that he wasn't trying to help me support a disability claim for CFS. He wanted to believe I was depressed soooo badly that he was willing to break the law by falsifying medical records.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005


To get into the clinical trial, I had to go through the whole fibromyalgia diagnosis procedure again: they apply 10 pounds of pressure (pressing till your thumbnail turns white) on 18 different points.  I had severe pain in all of them.  Then they have a little device called a dolorimeter that measures exactly how much pressure it takes to invoke pain.  On some points, I couldn't take more than 1.5 pounds (remember, it takes 10 pounds to make the diagnosis, so I'm way more sensitive than required).

Everyone in the study will be on placebo at some point.  This is apparently my week.  Either that, or this stuff is a complete flop as a sleeping pill.  I'm still wide awake in the middle of the night.  We'll find out Monday if the second package of pills works better.