Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Finally Proceeding Toward Success

I came across a brochure from the place that does my mammograms, which says I have the legal right to have my medical records corrected.  That's a long way from the statement from the quacks' lawyer that it's illegal to change medical records once they've been written.

The brochure said to call the Compliance Coordinator to find out how to do it.  I explained to her right off that I had no complaints at all about her medical group, I needed the information because the group I do have a problem with refuses to even consider doing it.

She explained that my first step is to write a letter requesting changes to the records.  I said I did that, and they refused to even discuss it.  Told me to take it up with their insurance company.  The insurance company told me if I wanted anything done, I needed to sue them.  When I sued, the lawyer told me it was illegal to make any changes.

According to the Compliance Coordinator, what is really illegal is to refuse to even allow me to place a Statement of Disagreement in the file, which they've refused to do because they don't believe they did anything wrong.

The next step is to complain to the Federal Government www.HHS.gov/OCR/HIPAA

So, we'll see whether having a Federal investigator demanding to see the files scares them into agreeing that changing the lies is preferable to a thorough investigation of their whole procedure and possibly losing their Medicare accreditation for violations.