Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Litigation Update

For those who are following the saga of my suing the doctors who filled my medical records with false statements: I have just had the chance to respond to one of their lawyer’s motions with a long list of statements the lawyer made under penalty of perjury where the facts are quite different. When I’m done, I may end up with both the doctors and the lawyer losing their license to practice. They all do a real good job of imagining what they would like the facts to be and then swearing that that’s what the facts are, never mind that there’s proof that they are wrong. Because, of course, they’re licensed professionals, and I’m not.

They forgot just one thing – at the time they started lying about me, I had a notary license, and to get one of those, they investigate your background. You’re not going to get one if any of the people they talk to says you’re dishonest.  So, I have the government standing behind my claim that I'm telling the truth.