Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I just had a phone call from Comcast High-Speed Internet.  Got it out of the girl that she's 17 years old.

She's trying to tell me something about computers, and I pointed out that I have had a computer since 1982.  She said that was impossible, they didn't start selling home computers till 1990.  (Oh, then what WAS that on Larry's dorm room desk in 1978, if not a computer?)  By 1990, I was lusting after Heidi's T-1000 laptop.

Then I said I was perfectly happy running a 56,000 baud modem.  She corrected me that it's either "bits" or "bytes".  I suggested her homework for the day was to look up baud and determine that the old lady did, in fact, know more about computer technology than she does.  Then she corrected me that "anyway, it's a 56K modem, not a whatever you said."

At this point, why would I want to buy anything from someone who is clearly both a liar and a moron? 

So she screams at me some more about how she knows more about computers than I do.  Oh, yeah?  I'd just like to see her deal with a computer that only speaks DOS ... or worse yet, C/PM.

Clearly, she knows nothing about either computers or telemarketing.